Consider yourself warned.

Blogging? What is this madness? My dear friend Emily told me I should start a blog. And seeing as how I am not nearly as funny as she is, and I am not on an awesome, satirical quest like she is, I will probably not post everyday. (However, she does, and if you have not heard of her: YOU ARE WELCOME.) I will probably rant a lot, about myself, and society, and things that no one can change. I will probably share a lot of things that I love with anyone who bothers to check this blog out. I will definitely be posting themed playlists, because duh- who doesn’t need some themed playlists in their life? I will probably leave the longings of my aching, melodramatic, teenaged heart splattered on these pages to be lost someplace in the dusty corner of the internet where nobody goes. Kind of like the nook in the library everybody abandons when our group is too loud & they all get scared away.

And knowing myself, sometime in the future,  I will probably return to this post & think “what was I thinking? What on earth possessed me to write this?” and in shame I will try to forget my freshman follies (he, he) and the typos that are bound to occur at one in the morning. SO. My name is Kennedy Raye Morrison. And this is my life.


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