Body Image

This is so true and just what I have been needing to hear. Thank you.

The "Lo" Down


Body image became important to me when my middle school classmates starting calling me “thunder thighs” because I’ve played soccer since the age of five and have muscular legs, so not being a stick was abnormal. Considering I went to a Catholic school, I had to wear skirts everyday so that didn’t help the cause too well. Furthermore, I’ve always been an A-cup so I would get called the president of the “itty bitty titty committee”. ADDITIONALLY, I was nicknamed “J Lo” because of my butt. I soon realized people who negatively comment about others are actually things they don’t like about themselves. As I grew older, I also realized being toned is more attractive than thigh gaps. I’d take having thick legs and a butt over being “skinny” any day! Curves are more attractive.

I don’t feel pressure from society to look a certain way or fit an ideal…

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