So. You wanted to know more about me, huh? Well. Here’s some stuff.

I am unable to be defined in a box this boxy and in words so simple, because let’s be honest, everybody’s gonna have their snap judgments based on my picture and post and writing style and anything linking to my identity. So I’m just gonna try.

I have a car named Ernest. And my GPS is named Gwendolyn.

I LOVE THRIFT SHOPPING. Goodwill is my go-to place for a wardrobe update.

I can be a drama queen sometimes. Ask anybody I vent to. Or just, ya know, read my blog.

I am currently a sophomore in college.

I am all at once afraid of everything of which I am capable, and also that I am not capable enough to excel in the things that I love.

I am a feminist. And no jumping to conclusions here, because I know it’s easy to assume “ahh! bra-burning man-hater!!”, right? Except I like men. And so if you want to know what it really means, ask me. I’d love to share!

I am a Christian. (No those two things are not mutually exclusive. Maybe I’ll write about it someday, when it’s not 1 am on a day before class.) I believe a lot of things are open to translation, and much more flexible than we typically believe.

I talk to myself sometimes. Just thinking out loud really, but people still look at me like I’m crazy anyway. Whatever.

I am a naturally trusting person, even though that trust has been betrayed to the point that I logically shouldn’t trust anyone. But I still do. Because I love people.


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