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My mother is brilliant.

She told me I should write a blog. And I asked “what I should write about?” She seems to be under the impression that I’m funny (ha, moms are so nice). Despite her flattery, I do not have a knack for making people laugh. I have an awkward sense of humor and a really awkward laugh, which varies between high-pitched-hyena, loud-and-sudden-single-burst laugh, and the silent-shaking laugh which makes my sides sore. So I don’t laugh out loud very often, and when I do, it’s obnoxious.

However, she gave me some ideas for what I should write about. It combines some of my favorite things- writing and colors! In particular, crayola. Here is a link to the wiki page about crayola’s colors: . Every day, I will (try to) choose a color and write about why my day was that color. I will try not to repeat them, although if necessary, I might. I will try to recount interesting/mildly entertaining events that match the color and have a significant impact on my day. Although I make no promises how fascinating you will find them.

This could be interesting.

I begin tomorrow. Every moment has the potential to be a blog post! This will be a grand adventure.

SotD: Smell the Color 9 by Chris Rice


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